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Beviss and Beckingsale
Liz Heron

Charitable Giving

Posted by Liz Heron on December 18th 2013 in All , WILLS, TRUSTS AND ESTATES .

Although for most of us there is truth in the saying that “Charity begins at Home”, many of our clients choose to benefit a charity on their death, whether by leaving a cash legacy, a share in their residuary estate or simply by letting their loved ones know that they...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Stephen Fisher Crouch

Deathbed Gifts

Posted by Stephen Fisher Crouch on December 18th 2013 in All , DISPUTES AND CLAIMS .

Is it possible to make a gift on your deathbed that bypasses your will or intestacy?

The simple answer is yes.  There is a little known legal concept which allows a deathbed gift to take effect without the usual formalities for making a will.  This is known as Donatio Mortis Causa.

In order for...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Mark Ollier

Buying a Business

Posted by Mark Ollier on November 8th 2013 in All , SERVICES FOR BUSINESSES .

One of the hallmarks of the last few years has been the enthusiasm of clients to purchase or start  new businesses - notwithstanding the recession. As Solicitors, we are often asked to advise on the essential points to look out for, when acquiring an existing business, large or small.

A vital aspect...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Paul Watkins

Care home funding - NHS Continuing Health Care


In the summer of 2010 Mrs B was admitted to hospital following a fall in which she suffered a fractured bone and subsequently had surgery to fix it. She had a period of rehabilitation in hospital before moving into a residential home.

A family friend contacted Paul Watkins at Beviss &...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Victoria Emmett

Mounting care home fees could be impacting on wills, warns Beviss & Beckingsale

Posted by Victoria Emmett on September 6th 2013 in All , WILLS, TRUSTS AND ESTATES .

High care home fees risk leaving the elderly with little or nothing to bequeath to loved ones in their wills, warns Beviss and Beckingsale. 

With average care home fees at £470 per week, the Law Society warns that many wills could need reviewing as care residents’ assets continue to deplete.

There is...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Zoe Gaitskell

Proposed Changes in Children Law

Posted by Zoe Gaitskell on September 6th 2013 in All , FAMILY .

Changes in private family law proceedings in respect of children are in the process of being made which are intended to promote the resolution of disputes away from the Courts wherever possible. The main changes which are to be introduced by the provisions are:

  • The replacement of the 'Residence Order' and...

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