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It is a truism, to which many firms perhaps don't pay enough attention in the maelstrom of daily practice, that our staff and our clients are our greatest assets. We relish our staff (most of them for most of the time!) and do as much as we can to encourage and promote them. Not only is this because we like them and it is conducive to a pleasant working environment, but as a result of simple self interest we like to have a motivated team working with us. We know that Solicitors whether experienced or newly qualified, Legal Executives, Paralegals and Trainees require continual support, training, feedback and reassurance and we can offer you that training combined with everyday one-to-one contact with a Partner or senior member of staff. What we are unable to offer you, however, is the narrow specialisms of a large urban practice. We believe this in itself is a barren approach to the law. A good Lawyer of course needs specialist knowledge but he or she also needs to practice this in the wider context.

What else can't we offer you?

  • The fun and expense of rush hour travel to work.
  • The one client a year you may meet in, for example, a corporate finance department. We can only offer you a large number of clients with a diversity of ideas, approaches, needs and problems.
  • The pressure to change jobs every couple of years to gain different experiences and fight for that rung on the ladder. We can only offer you continuity with those different experiences in the one firm and the expectation that once you have proved yourself your career prospects can be pretty damn good.
  • The stultifying lack of imagination and influence that a large corporate structure entails. All we can do is to offer you the opportunity to use your imagination and enthusiasm at an early stage of your career both in solving clients problems and contributing to the development of an expanding practice.
  • The lack of a social and personal life. We practice where we do because we want to enjoy it and have a lifestyle which doesn't lead to meltdown by the time we are 35.
  • A word processor. We operate a wide area network with all the latest software, PCs on everyone's desk, Case Management, Database, integral Accounts, scanners, digital cameras, you name it and we've got it, and we have the services of a full time IT Manager.

IGNORE the advice of the Recruitment Agencies, Universities and Law School Careers Officers that High Street practices are dying. We are actually different in that we are a Market Town firm with a wider diversity of challenging disciplines than your average High Street practice. We most definitely are not dying and don't intend to. We believe the secret of a successful practice is the willingness to be flexible, open minded and move with the changing times. The work is there, we need you to help us do it.

  • Lexcel Practice Management Standard
  • Lexcel Practice Management Standard