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Moving house

Buying and selling your home represents the most important type of transaction (and the most expensive), that you are likely to undertake during your lifetime. For most of us, where we choose to live is an expression of our lifestyle, whilst for others it also represents an important investment opportunity. Both goals require expert professional help to bring to fruition.

Our Partners and staff all live in this area and are an integral part of our community. They can give you local information, grassroots knowledge and the sort of advice that others may not be able to supply.

Far removed from the impersonal "call centre" approach to conveyancing offered by some solicitors, we provide a high quality, friendly and personal  service, enabling us to guide you carefully and smoothly through the maze of house buying and selling, explaining each step along the way:-

  • For house buyers, we believe that "knowledge is power". Our reports are geared towards providing everything you need to know so that you can make informed decisions.
  • For those selling properties, we can advise about the extra information which may be useful to a buyer and which may reduce the total time taken for the transaction.

  • Full estimates and fees information are given at the start of the transaction so that you can keep to a budget.

For our free booklet "Buying and Selling your Home" or for any queries or estimates for your house move please email us at the following address:-

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Key Contacts

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  • Anne Keate
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