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Mark Ollier

Be careful what you wish for!

Posted by Mark Ollier on July 3rd 2013 in All , DISPUTES AND CLAIMS , SERVICES FOR BUSINESSES .

The high profile dispute involving the winner of the popular TV show “The Apprentice” highlights how important it is to clearly set out what is the nature of the role for which an individual is being employed.

The winner of the competition on “The Apprentice” was awarded a job within one of the Alan Sugar businesses but subsequently claimed constructive dismissal on the grounds that the role was a non-job, despite being on a salary of £100,000 a year. However, the Employment Tribunal has dismissed the claim.  

The claimant at one point accepted another position in another part of Lord Sugar’s empire, a job which she admitted enjoying doing. The judge commented that the new role was specifically selected for the claimant to expand and build on, and that Lord Sugar had gone out of his way to ensure the claimant was placed in a role from which she could learn new skills.

One can’t help feeling this case could have been avoided completely if the initial role had been very clearly defined right at the outset.