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Beviss and Beckingsale
Frances Griffiths

Moving House in a Health Crisis

Posted by Frances Griffiths on April 8th 2020 in MOVING HOUSE .

Many of our clients are extremely anxious about the situation relating to their home move or in the case of business clients, their acquisition or sale of businesses and business premises.

The Government’s advice is fairly clear. There is no need to pull out of transactions, but we all need to...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Mark Ollier

The need for Electrical Safety Inspections for Landlords

Posted by Mark Ollier on February 6th 2020 in COMMERCIAL PROPERTY , MOVING HOUSE .

Changes are likely to take place in this legislation over the next few weeks but it is worthwhile restating what the current rules are for Landlords.

Dangerous electrical installations are a significant contributing factor to fire, cold,  and insufficient lighting.

Landlords are under a general duty to provide a safe property at...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Richard Glanville

Environment Agency deadline to upgrade or replace existing septic tanks that discharge to surface waters in England

Posted by Richard Glanville on October 28th 2019 in AGRICULTURAL AND RURAL AFFAIRS , COMMERCIAL PROPERTY , MOVING HOUSE .

Septic tanks that discharge to surface waters in England should be upgraded or replaced by 1 January 2020.

The Environment Agency (EA) state that options for upgrading or replacing include:

  • Connection to mains sewer (where available).
  • Installation of a drainage field to discharge to ground instead.
  • Replacing the septic tank with a small sewage...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Sanjeev Harash

Gifting large sums of money

Posted by Sanjeev Harash on October 21st 2019 in MOVING HOUSE .

Giving large sums of money as a gift, whether for a young person to buy a home or to a partner, comes with a host of potential financial traps.

Any gift is tax-free, provided the person making it lives for seven more years. So giving a deposit for a home should not...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Katrina Short

Selling a property with boundary discrepancies

Posted by Katrina Short on September 26th 2019 in MOVING HOUSE .

When selling a property, it is important to establish at the offset if the Land Registry title plan, or title deeds of the property is unregistered, corresponds accurately with the physical nature of the property and thereby sufficiently records the extent of land to be sold.

It can sometimes be the...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Mark Ollier

Drones and Listed Buildings

Posted by Mark Ollier on August 23rd 2019 in MOVING HOUSE .

The Daily Telegraph reported in April 2019 that local authorities had been granted approval by the Civil Aviation Authority to use drones for commercial purposes.

They have been used for monitoring extension works and other exterior alterations including those to Listed Buildings and properties in rural areas where access is difficult.


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