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Mark Ollier

Emails � curse of the modern legal world?! � so say the Judges

Posted by Mark Ollier on December 20th 2016 in All .

Emails – curse of the modern legal world?! – so say the Judges

Judges should be able to prevent litigants in person inundating the court with emails. So says Lady Justice King.

"Whilst every judge is sympathetic to the challenges faced by litigants in person, justice simply cannot be done through a torrent of informal, unfocussed emails, often sent directly to the judge and not to the other parties. Neither the judge nor the court staff can, or should, be expected to field communications of this type. In my view judges must be entitled, as part of their general case management powers, to put in place, where they feel it to be appropriate, strict directions regulating communications with the court and litigants should understand that failure to comply with such directions will mean that communications that they choose to send, notwithstanding those directions, will be neither responded to nor acted upon."

Of course one of the reasons for increasing litigants in person i.e. unrepresented, is the destruction of the Legal Aid system.