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Zoe Gaitskell

Get Proper Legal Representation for Family Law Cases

Posted by Zoe Gaitskell on January 19th 2015 in All , FAMILY .

The growing volume of what are called “litigants in person” has been politically sensitive since much of Family Law was taken out of the scope of Legal Aid. Not so long ago Master of the Rolls Lord Dyson told a committee of MP's it was likely that the miscarriages of justice would have happened in cases where at least one party is unrepresented.

A recent Ministry of Justice report states that in general, cases where both parties or just one of the parties had legal representation took longer than cases where both parties or just the applicant had no legal advisor. These figures would appear to back up initial research published last month that cases are resolved quicker where there is no legal representation involved but this rather assumes that speed equals justice!

Most firm of solicitors including Beviss and Beckingsale are committed to the principle of access to justice and we will always discuss legal fees with any potential clients so that you are sure of affordability. Fixed Fee interviews are available so that you can have the benefit of general advice at reasonable cost.

For further information contact the Honiton Office and ask to speak to a member of our Family Law Team.