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Mark Carlisle

Government TB strategy review

Posted by Mark Carlisle on November 19th 2018 in AGRICULTURAL AND RURAL AFFAIRS .

Government TB strategy review

The government’s 25 year bovine tuberculosis (TB) strategy, led by Sir Charles Godfray, has been published on 13 November 2018. The report, which was commissioned by Environment Secretary Michael Gove in February 2018, aims to inform future strategies around the government’s goal of eradicating the disease by 2038.

The report findings include:

  • The industry must take greater responsibility for on-farm controls, biosecurity and safe trading practices to stop the disease spreading

  • The evidence shows that badgers do transmit bovine TB to cattle or contribute to the persistence of the disease.

  • A new independent body would be helpful to take over disease control operations from the Animal and Plant Health Agency, Natural England and local authorities.

The report concludes that the bovine TB incidences in the UK are at best stable and that there are no easy solutions to reduce the disease level. In designing a strategy to control bovine TB in England and progress towards elimination it is important to be flexible and that may include making some hard choices.

See: Defra: Bovine TB strategy review (13 November 2018) and Defra press release, Review of government’s bovine TB strategy published, 13 November 2018.