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Mark Ollier

Noisy Neighbours?

Posted by Mark Ollier on January 10th 2019 in DISPUTES AND CLAIMS .

One or two recent cases have emphasised that legal action can be taken against neighbours where the impact of the noise is sufficiently loud to be invasive and disturbing to an objective standard. This can often occur in situations where there is a block of flats and noises can easily be transmitted through the fabric of the building. These cases may also involve fashionable new floor coverings such as hardwood or laminate floors.

In a recent case relating to a luxury block of flats, work had taken place including wooden floors being installed and nothing had been done to limit noise transmission between the flats. The effected owner said that she faced a constant noise bombardment from the family of 5 living above her £2.6 million apartment and the sound of everyday activities such as children playing to dishes being washed, ruined her peace during the day and kept her up at night. To cut a long story short, the claimant won a six figure compensation sum after suing the upstairs neighbours for noise nuisance.

Every case depends on its own facts and should you require further assistance in connection with a neighbour dispute such as this, please contact our Litigation Team or Mark Ollier meo@bevissandbeckingsale.co.uk