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Beviss and Beckingsale
Mark Ollier

Obligation On Seller Sets Boundary

Posted by Mark Ollier on May 10th 2012 in All , DISPUTES AND CLAIMS , MOVING HOUSE .

When a plan is attached to a conveyance, it is often marked ‘for identification purposes only’ in order to ensure that the plan is not considered to be the definitive record of the property being conveyed.

Recently, a dispute reached court after the boundary of a property that had...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Emma Northover

Contested Probate

Posted by Emma Northover on June 10th 2011 in All , DISPUTES AND CLAIMS .

A loved one has died, but left you nothing.  Can you do something about it? Maybe.  The will might be open to challenge on one or both of the following grounds:

  • Lack of testamentary capacity, “knowledge and approval”, undue influence, or conflict with lifetime promises by the deceased
  • Under the provisions of...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Zoe Gaitskell

Collaborative Family Law

Posted by Zoe Gaitskell on August 17th 2010 in All , FAMILY .

Collaborative family law is a new approach to negotiating and settling issues arising predominately from divorce or family separation. Its aim is to resolve family disputes without those inolved having to go to Court.
Through a series of meetings the separating couple and their lawyers seek to create a dignified...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Mark Carlisle

Contaminated Land

Posted by Mark Carlisle on January 18th 2010 in AGRICULTURAL AND RURAL AFFAIRS , All .

Ever thought about the land under your feet? Do you know the history of the land surrounding your house? More and more land in the UK is being identified as contaminated land. Whilst contamination doesn't always have a detrimental effect your health, it can on your wallet. 

Under the Environmental Protection...

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Beviss and Beckingsale
Mark Ollier

Lending Money To Children For Home Loans

Posted by Mark Ollier on February 26th 2009 in All , MOVING HOUSE .

In the current difficult economic times and with the unwillingness of most banks and buildings societies to loan much more than 75% of a property’s value, many parents are lending or giving money to their children to use as a deposit so that they can buy a decent home while...

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