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Mark Ollier

Tribunal Fees Put Off Claimants

Posted by Mark Ollier on January 26th 2015 in All .

More than 80% of clients seeking helping from Citizens Advice say they would be put off going to an Employment Tribunal by the level of fee that they would face. A poll of 361 clients of the Advice Service found the majority are scared off by the fee regime that was introduced in July 2013.

The government has said that the fees put off weak or vexatious claimants and help to fund the tribunal system. In research published by Citizens Advice the organisation said that the fees are likely to cover just 7% of the cost of running tribunals. The number of cases won by claimants has actually fallen in the past 2 years to below 60% suggesting that fees may have had a bigger impact on strong cases than weak ones.

Citizens Advice have called for tribunal fees to be reduced immediately and aligned with County Court fees to widen access to members of the general public.

Whilst Beviss and Beckingsale do not undertake employment law cases they have close relationships with reputable firms that specialise in this complex area so please feel free to contact us should you wish to be referred to a qualified practitioner.